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Foreclosure Lawyer in Union, NJ

Foreclosure - Union, NJ - Bruce Radowitz, ESQWhen borrowers are unable to make payments on loans, a bank or lender could begin the process of foreclosure. Seeking the assistance of foreclosure lawyer Bruce Radowitz, Esq. is the best way for an individual to protect their rights and property during this process.

What Is a Foreclosure Lawyer?

Financial difficulties can happen to anyone. For individuals who have fallen behind on monthly payments or are otherwise unable to make payments to creditors, an attorney may be able to arrange options to prevent the foreclosure process. Some reorganization options include refinancing, short sales, short-term financing, or bankruptcy.

Why Would I Need a Foreclosure Lawyer?

When borrowers are unable to pay owed taxes or make payments on loans, a bank or lender may begin the process of foreclosure. A foreclosure lawyer may advise that clients pursue either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy as a way of preventing lenders from proceeding with the foreclosure process. Along the way, a foreclosure lawyer can help prevent harassing creditors and help individuals to get their finances back on track.

Let Us Help You!

Bankruptcies and foreclosures are stressful and complicated processes. Working with a foreclosure attorney not only creates peace of mind but often leads to better long-term options with fewer repercussions.

Bruce Radowitz, Esq. has been practicing bankruptcy and foreclosure defense law for over 25 years. Let our team be a resource for you when you are faced with mounting financial difficulties. Come in today for a free consultation. Se habla espaƱol.

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